September 2016 camping 6

as I mentioned the last post next day was not a bad weather and we went to drive around Yananaka lake.

unfortunately because just stopped the rain and the last night rain, the ground was wet and particularly Liz got dirty. Moku was not so bad but Lize always got dirty easily.

for the dinner we BBQed scallops which couldn't yesterday. after the dinner when we were enjoying some drinks the rain again. pouring rain. really was.
nice to move to the house. really was.


September 2016 camping 5

as we mentioned before we moved to a small house because of the bad weather but after moved the weather was getting better. even sometimes sunshine we could see.

it supposed to be rain again according to the weather forecast but wasn't. anyway it is good to stop the rain because we dry up our tent and tarp.

our little doggies also look happier in the house. beds are so nice to sleep. much better than sleeping bag.

September 2016 camping 4

the weather for the first night was awful. we've got heavy rain. actually not so heavy if we were not in our tent.

so, my wife said couldn't sleep because of the rain but I could.

our tent and tarp was wet and cannot dry. it makes difficult to put everything in our car. so we decided to move to a small house for the second day. that's very comfortable. the good thing is that they gave us a half price for the second day which usually cannot apply only for the second day of the same location.

September 2016 camping 3

our site is a dog area and has a fence and our doggies can run without leads. that's very good. also the area was big enough to use a tarp and a tent.

they got a big bath which looks like at a ryokan. around 4 meters wide and 2 meters side.

when I went nobody there and I really could relax. usually I don't take a bath only having shower but that was so nice. I took the bath next day also.

September 2016 camping 2

even we knew the weather is not perfect decided to go camping because we could spend 2 nights and 3days and thought we can relax so much.

the site is called Yamanakako Forest Cottage and little bit expensive than we usually go because of the weekdays and not cost much. their facilities are good particularly the bath. I will report the next update.

September 2016 camping 1

I've got late summer holidays end of September and went to camping. the above photo I took on the way to the campsite. we call Michi no ski which means the roadside station and we can shop goods and foods there.

I am quite surprised because some area cannot take our dogs and outdoor table cannot use with dogs either. what's the hell!

after the bush walking

after the bush walking we back to Yokohama city and had our lunch at a curry restaurant which our doggie friend recommended.

no curry in the photo by the way. anyway that was good and different from my cooking one of course.

after that just walking through some shops. Moku and Liz were on a small carriage for doggies. actually we've got this very cheap because the owner got the new one. How lucky we are!

walk into the bush

one day at September we enjoyed the bush walking. just walking and walking but actually not much for the real bush walking because we have doggies and Miku was 12 year old.

and also we have Mokumum with us. anyway just walked. maybe if we could have some lunch that would be wonderful too.

beautiful flowers and smiles

actually a bit early for these flowers some are not open yet.

smiles again. so beautiful. l like September. watching wildflowers at Perth also the best in September.

my birthday

one day of September was my birthday. I've got some greetings from Facebook friends. I am happy.

we went to a Japanese restaurant nearby for our dinner because my wife wants to go. now I'm happy again.

the rooftop party

so good to do BBQ at the rooftop. love that. so comfortable to eat and drink in the open air.

it makes taste better but the owner of this house offered very nice beef anyway.

Moku's smile can tell how happy they are too. actually the rain started to fall down and we rushed to inside. that's also fun too.

normal days

since back to the normal days I am keeping extremely busy. everyday jump on the train after 10pm. when back to my home already after 11pm. then wake up 5:30 in the morning. cannot do anything.

return to ordinary days

another summer holidays ended. after that, just busy. very busy. it sounds like I shouldn't have such a long holiday. 7days off is long for Japanese.


English is difficult for me. Just trying to use. Although there is no chance to use. :>