holidays again 2

I've got another summer holiday as I mentioned before. just cannot feel holidays because so much leftovers. Difficult to relax because I will check emails and make phone calls to not to go my workplace. dear dear.

holidays again

tomorrow is a public holiday (and my birthday too) and I am supposed to have another summer holiday from next Monday. just I wonder I could take or not. just busy. easy to say "Take some holidays" but actually difficult to take.

typhoon is coming

I'm on my way home and on the train now. it is pouring rain outside because another typhoon is coming. last long weekend also was bad weather. tomorrow also will be rain too. poor doggies cannot go outside. what's a shame!

Nasu again

Nasu again. we visited the trick art museum.

that was fun. I'm sure not interesting for our doggies but anyway we took many photos. photos are much more real (faked) than naked eyes.

one day trip to Nasu

went to Nasu again but this time is one day trip only.
Even so I think we could enjoy much. the cafe is called Penny Lane. must be the owner is a big fan of the Beatles? I don't know. after that we went to a farm called Senbon matsu farm and that day was not Sunday or Saturday and middle of the week but so many people there. maybe because of summer holidays for students. Just one thing is not comfortable. Hot! Typical Japanese summer time.

food and drink

we went to one of our doggies friend home to enjoy a dinner. I wonder how they know and cook those fabulous foods. I only can cook three or four I think.
let see ... Yaki udon, curry and rice and and and ... don't know.
oh I almost forgot. sometimes? no just rarely make sushi but so different. I know it must be and supposed to be. anyway we enjoyed our dinner but I think no need to have special foods, just ordinary ones should do. I mean we can be happy to meet and share some foods. or maybe those foods are not special thing for them.

the dinosaurs park

we call this place as the dinosaurs park because there is a slide that shape is like a dinosaur. I used to take may son there. now take our doggies. remember good old days. I don't say not happy now.

still at my home town

still at my home town. left is Moku and centre is Liz then right one is Chanta who is Mokumom's friend's furbaby. toy poodles are very popular in Japan. so cute.

miso is good

took this photo when I went back to my home town again. that's all miso. In my current location cannot see this amount. l prefer red ones.

friends at my home town

in the obon holiday I met my old friends at my home town. that's good because no relation to my current job. I can forget what problems I have in my job. they are not coworkers and bosses either. that photo was taken at one of my friend's soba restaurant . actually not allowed to bring our own alcohol but we do anyway. have I mentioned before? maybe so. sorry l cannot remember l always forget what I have done before.


English is difficult for me. Just trying to use. Although there is no chance to use. :>