2nd day

day time is hot 30 Celsius or something. but in the morning and the night is getting cooler. Moku and Lize must be hotter than us and we've tried to cool them down. so we went to the shop where we can take our doggies.

finished the dinner time

after dinner. relaxing time. getting cooler and comfortable. love this moment.

setting up the site

little hot to setting up but because of the trees not so bad.

start for camping now

our stuff. full no other space. and already HOT!

camping from tomorrow

I've got a day off tomorrow and we are going camping for 2 nights and 3 days. it was not so hot until yesterday. however it's getting hotter this coming weekend. dear dear don't like setting up a tent and a tarp in the very hot weather. hope trees can cool down a bit.

today was not hot but feel tired

yesterday and today we haven't got very hot days. under 30 Celsius and comfortable but I feel tired today. I don't mean that problem with my health. nothing wrong. but my job is not healthy. I should be able to do much better way.

day off

tomorrow I've got the day off for last month Sunday's work. I haven't got the this month one.
I wonder when I could get for that. anyway I feel good today but unfortunately I am in duty on this coming Saturday.

yesterday's photo

yesterday I posted the photo which I took when we went to a park near my home last weekend. AND Mokumom (my wife) started Instagram yesterday and posted the same photo. what's the coincidence or what is going on here? she might posted the same one which I uploaded here. scary thing.

humid and uncomfortable

so humid and uncomfortable but I purchased a cardigan for me to wear when I am in the train. only for morning not the evening. I don't know why but morning train is always cold but in evening that's even hot.

morning walk

I don't take our doggies early morning for walk because Moku doesn't want to go without Mokumom. when I take him I need to drag with the lead or hold and carry a half way and return by his foot.


English is difficult for me. Just trying to use. Although there is no chance to use. :>