morning walk

these days I sometimes wake up 5am and take Moku & Liz for a walk because cannot go late morning and of course in the afternoon. it's too hot to go. I start to go for my job 6:30am therefore have to wake up very early.

beer and birthday party

last Sunday we had a beer and birthday party at our home. my wife bought a birthday cake by herself. what a happy woman.

problem with a freezer

last weekend I went to a grocery shop near my home.
the day was hot and humid and I wanted to get some ice cream. however they have a problem with their freezers and no ice cream no bags of ice and no frozen foods either. so disappointed.

too many people

I usually take JR Yamanote Line and always many people onboard. today I saw foreigners onboard and around 10 people and have suitcase with them. they looks surprised for many people there and even look full of passengers but still trying to get on. when they get off the train they said "Sumimasen". they know the word. which means sometimes "I'm sorry" but in many cases "Excuse me".

beef !

oh! that must be very good meet (actually is!) .
beautiful! that was Moku's voice. he had small bit also.

the camping area named Moku

this camp site which we went is called Moku. what's the coincidence. our bigger doggy also name is Moku. the owner said that they used to have a dog whose name was Moku. Moku came from wood they also said. our Moku comes from different. shorten for Mokumoku means like clouds or something. sounds like fluffy. that's what we meant.


we are going camping tomorrow. actually not exactly camping because we booked a small wooden house in the camping area. that's good if we have bad weather. also no need to set the screen tarp. we can enjoy more time for eating and drinking.

how lovely

love them. beautiful aren't they? really are.
Moku becomes 12 this year already but still looks so young. l really envy him.



English is difficult for me. Just trying to use. Although there is no chance to use. :>