naughty boy

they love their mon.

really are.

do naughty things sometimes and mom said "NO!", but do that again.

the moon

I may posted a similar photo before but don't remember. please ignore the photo if you saw before.

that is taken without the tripod. only my hands. even a cheap camera not bad I think.

hot these days but wearing a jacket

becoming hot theses days but I wear my jacket when I am on the train because sometimes the air conditioning too strong particularly in the early morning.

finish work early

today i could finish my job early. not before 5pm but before 6. actually yesterday too. that's good but actually I prefer a little bit busier.

train problem

today I am taking a different train because Tobu Tojo line got the problem. the news said a train run off the rails. so many problems. don't like Tobu Tojo line.

Nasu is good

travel to Nasu was good. good weather nice food with wonderful people and beautiful doggies. may go there again. snow skiing should be nice too.

penny lane

now we are at a coffee shop named Penny Lane. obviously something to do with the Beatles. cozy and comfortable.

save energy

saving energy should be good for both environment and money I know that. but lights of my school 's toilet automatically turned off every 10 seconds and toilet sheets are cold (Japanese ones are usually heated) . even hand dryers are switched off. if we cannot use it's better to not to install.

no necktie

since beginning of this week we don't need to wear my necktie and no need my jacket either. supposed to save energy and environment. however we have to set the temperature of an air conditioner 28 Celsius. that hot.

curry and rice

that was a bigger plate I ordered but not much anyway. Moku Liz and Mokumom was waiting outside that's why I had curry and rise.

the difference of the time stamp was 3 minutes. I wasn't in a hurry actually.

happy birthday Moku

happy birthday Moku. yesterday was your 12th year old birthday. please be a happy doggie. I will make it as much as I can for you.

still feel in the middle of the holiday

(this photo is Mofuemon)

actually my holiday is ended yesterday but many people take a day off today and still enjoying holidays. that's why people on the train looks fewer than usual. it makes me in the holiday too.

middle of holiday

we now are Toyama pref. it took around 7 hours to get here. so many people out from Kano area for holidays. however so many Pepe and so many cars. we are supposed to rest not getting more stress.

your head?

where is your head? my god! chopped off?



English is difficult for me. Just trying to use. Although there is no chance to use. :>