trimming day

tomorrow is a trimming day for Moku and Liz. not cheap though. and I am going to go my haircut today. it cost 1,000 yen. I am sure I mentioned before.

welcome party

today we had a farewell and welcome party at our position. unlike my hometown friends drinking it's very well behaved and quiet (of course compared with our dirty ones). I didn't drink a lot because that is the extension of our duties.

shiba Sakura

these photos and yesterday's one also I took she we went to see shiba Sakura. I don't know how to say in English. anyway it was beautiful. free parking also good and not so many people there. so we could enjoyed walking and watching flowers.

getting warmer

day by day getting warmer. I like this season but every weekend we don't have good weather and still cannot go camping.


the other day I made sushi myself because we went to a very cheap sushi shop before but that was awful. not only the taste but also the appearance. looks like made by small kids. the problem is that my sushi also was not so good.


happy Friday today. maybe because of that a man standing next to me was drinking beer when we waiting for the train. it's impossible for many other countries. stink!


Moku got diarrhea not serious but already almost one week. Mokumom took him to a vet and a doctor said Moku cannot eat anything last night. therefore I went to a Chinese restaurant yesterday because so difficult to not to give him anything when I eating something.


today I thought I could finish my job much earlier. however my pc got the problem. when I back up files it deleted from the source. it supposed to backup not delete. I tested before use but I am not sure what was happened. checked the setting but all correct. so I restored from another backup. another problem is the installation of the software. the new version couldn't activate. Asked to the support and deleted one file from the installed directory and worked. looks like a bug of the software.

the day time getting longer

the day time is getting longer day by day. warmer too. I wonder if we could go camping before the long holidays, which we Japanese call golden week. I cannot afford to go expensive hotels. so camping is good but the problem is that it depends the weather. professional people can enjoy even a bad weather I think but I am not.

busy and tired

I thought I could finish my job much earlier but couldn't. many things I am not sure how to proceed the tasks which I've given. already doing my job almost 6 years but still fell difficult. so stupid.

mahalo's party

we had a party for doggies last Sunday. so much food was there and we've got leftovers. then I had that for dinners for 2 days.

that photo was in the car heading to our home. Moku and Liz were sleeping. they must be tired.

medical checkup

today I've got a medical checkup. last year I had my lunch before the checkup and got the notice which said I may have diabetes. so, this time I didn't have lunch. that's ok but strange thing is that my height is shorter than last year. I was 187 last year but this time 186. actually I don't remember millimeters unit. maybe not much but I am shrinking.

please be happy doggies

today's photos are other pics for babies. so beautiful.

please find happy families and please be happy bichons. please live as long as you can and be happy as much as you can. I pray for your happiness.

back to the winter

yesterday was very warm and could enjoyed the dogs' party. however today looks back to the winter. I wonder why it's happening after I put my kerosene fan heater away.

Saturday tomorrow

tomorrow is Saturday but I have to go work. 3 straight Saturdays I've got job to do. Sunday we have a kind of party which supposed to gather over 60 dogs. and my task is cooking. of course not difficult ones just easy things I only can do otherwise nobody can eat.

drink with doggies

not easy to find this kind of shop. we can bring our dogs and enjoy alcohol. they serve fried vegetables and meat and quite good. the bad things are space which is small to sit with dogs and smoking people. I think we should ban the smoking in the buildings just like Australia.

Sakura is ending

I like when Sakura is starting but don't like to watch flowers ending. The photo is not clear and may not be able to see falling flowers. looks like snowing. Sakura is beautiful because their life is so short that some people said.

a bit earlier

it's already almost 9pm but a but earlier than last week. actually much earlier. however I have much leftovers anyway.

too much

the photo was taken a week ago and bit early for watching Sakura but still beautiful. Anyway too much these days. I mean my job. tired.


English is difficult for me. Just trying to use. Although there is no chance to use. :>