I knew that

it's already 11:15 and heading to my home. it's a long way and take over an hour. all I need to do when I get to my home is have a shower, eat dinner and sleep. that's it.

at a restaurant

we are now waiting for our doggies trimming to be finished. already 2 hours and half. Mokumom orders sweets which with some ketchup. No, That is for my chips but waitress brought with sweets not with chips.

so many people

now 10:20 pm at Ikebukuro station and so many people here. and noisy. what was worse is that a man standing next to me is so stink. I'm sure he drunk.

on the train

a girl sitting next to me is coughing and coughing but doesn't a mask. very annoying. STOP IT!

cherry blossoms

Mokumom took Moku and Liz to enjoy Sakura (cherry blossoms). Mokumom said that Sakura trees are early ones and can enjoy from February to March.

flying Liz

yesterday we took Moku and Liz to a dog run, which we always go. usually Liz is running and running all the area. but yesterday was a bit slower than usual. just found the one who looks like Liz's favorite and started to run. so I took the photo Liz looks flying.

sushi by myself

I made sushi by myself. when I was in Australia sometimes did but haven't since we have back. I think better than very cheap ones which is not at a sushi restaurant.

3 days long weekend

I have 3 days off but I know it will past very quickly and am having very busy days after that.
it's becoming warmer little by little. that's good but I have a big allergies for some kind of trees. very sneezy.

on the train

just got on the train. many many businessmen. all black. what the hell. actually I am one of them.

long weekend is coming

still Thursday but already tomorrow is Friday. so many thing to do but a long weekend is coming. I wonder I could have Saturday off or not. it better to go work otherwise workdays tasks bigger. Hmm I take holiday anyway. Let it be.

just busy

becoming busy again. because of the new school year. in Japan new year for school starts from April and so many things to prepare. at this coming new school year we supposed to replace computers so many. guessing almost 1,000 pcs and printers ? not sure the exact number but a lot anyway. kind of nightmare.

still cold days

what's going on here? still cold. we are supposed to have warm days from today but not. the weather forecast changed. Heck!

by the way the photo has taken at Ogosebairin that is well known for Umeblossoms. we found a little trained monkey who performed some tricks. so cute.

cold, rainy and Monday

today was cold and wet AND Monday. it makes me blue when I woke up but could finish my job early and heading to my home now. according to the weather forecast it will become much warmer from tomorrow. I don't like cold morning.

ume trees

they are not appreciating ume blossoms. just watching Mokumom with treats.

Hina Matsuri

the photo was taken at 3rd of March, which we Japanese call Hina Matsuri that means doll's festival and is supposed to pray young girls' growth and happiness. there was a piece of cake but that was for Mokumam not for doggies.

last post was last month

it was last month. time really flies. l brought the Epiphone guitar last month but only played once. yesterday I intended to but before I laid down in the floor and slept. will try tonight.


English is difficult for me. Just trying to use. Although there is no chance to use. :>