planning to go camping

this coming weekend, I'm planning to go camping, because I might be able to take one day off on Friday. actually I'm not 100 percent to be sure because these days even I planned to take holidays always couldn't take. the bad news is that the weather is not very good. it may rain on Friday.

beer festival

on 22st of September, actually it was my birthday, we went to Saitama Super Arena because it was Beer Festival there. they have beer festival twice a year and last time we couldn't been there because we are too busy to move to another house.

the weather was just fine and very good for that kind of festival and I drunk beer. these days I cannot drink much beer because that makes me full and changed to a cup (not a glass) of wine. actually I had three cups and couldn't have more. why? just expensive. 1 small cup cost me 600 yen. that's too much.

on duty

we are in the middle of holidays but I was on duty today. now I am on the train to back home and passengers are quite different from usual. not many business men here. looks like i am the only one. i have a job on next coming Sunday as well. dear dear.

Friday today

I've been waiting for today it's Friday!
however I have too many tasks to do and tomorrow have to go to work. how disappointing. and what makes worse is that we supposed to have long holidays which is start from tomorrow and to Wednesday. 5 days! but I only have Sunday Monday and Wednesday. anyway I have to do is I have to do.

Monday morning

Monday again. I don't like Monday. you too? I think so. particularly after back to Japan. last night I fell in sleep before 11pm I think. I think mean I don't remember. when I drunk that always happens but I haven't had much yesterday. after I started to go Tokyo I usually went to bed early and get up early even though at the weekend.

sunny day today

finally we've got sunshine today. unfortunately I was working all day long as usual and couldn't enjoy the weather. that's ok. the bad thing is that I should be able to take some holidays next week but couldn't get that. just busy.

weather again

last time I posted to this blog a week ago. and was about weather. However still rainy. never stop. I want sunshine. blue sky and beautiful beach at Perth feel long long time ago.

rainy season again

after extremely hot days, the temperature suddenly dropped. and rain again. again and again. what the hell is going on here! very wet and looks like the rainy season again. What is worse is the temperature comes back little and makes very humid. I remember the summer time at Perth. that was very hot and sometimes even over 40 degrees but Japanese summer is more uncomfortable.


English is difficult for me. Just trying to use. Although there is no chance to use. :>