on my own

last Saturday I drove mokuman and our doggies to Toyama and I returned to Saitama on Tuesday evening but mokuman and our doggies are still at Toyama. So, I am on my own. have to do everything by myself. that's some times good only if my job was not so busy.

at Toyama pref.

now, we are visiting our friends family at Toyama. on the way to their home, on the highway, it was raining. then I heard the strange regular noise from the windscreen wiper and the next moment one of the wipers disappeared. it flew away somewhere.

it's so hard to drive with one wiper but fortunately the rain almost stopped and the next morning I went to a car shop to fix.

next to me

always happens. always. don't know why but most of the time when I get on a train and take a seat then guess what happens. a big fat man sit just next to me. sometimes smells and starting to sleep and finally leaning to my arm. Yuk!

back to work

the summer holidays is over. it was 8 days and quite long for Japanese. actually, if I've got 10 days or 2 weeks, it will over soon. Today was rainy and very humid. very uncomfortable particularly for just after the holidays.

met Liz's family

visited Liz-chan's family at Nagoya. we have 6 Bichons including Moku. Liz was so excited when she met with her family and was running and running. Finally Liz fell in sleep on my knees.

a fat man

Today I've got the job and heading to Tokyo on the train. The good thing is that today is Saturday and could easy to find the seat but the bad thing is that a very fat man sit next to me and I could feel his heat. Oh Crap! Uncomfortable.

no fat milk

The other day, I went to the nearest grocery shop, where I found 1 carton of no fat milk that possibly mokumom recommended (?). Then I found more cartons there. Getting popular ??


English is difficult for me. Just trying to use. Although there is no chance to use. :>