hot hot hot

we are having very hot days recently. Almost melted. Cannot turned off an air conditioner even at night. Easy to guess how hot poor doggies. They are so fluffy.
On the train that's not too bad but very hot when waiting at a platform particularly Tobu Tojo line at Ikebukuro. Very sweaty.

rainy season is over

The rainy season is over and very hot summer days are coming. Then, I washed my car. And ... Guess what? The rain again. I knew that.

no fat milk

There is a supermarket close to my home but they don't have non-fat milk. The strange thing is that another shop, which is a same shop but at the different location, we have found them. So my wife suggested to have on their shelves at a closer shop. Last time I went there and I found non-fat milk. Not sure whether just the coincidence or not, but anyway I've got one.

a bit tired

Today I have worked until 9:30pm. Actually that is not so late compared when I was in Australia. However maybe I got used to back to my home very early or stress is much bigger than at Perth, I feel tired. What makes wrose is that very HOT today. I need some cold beer.

little small party now

We are having a home party, which is only 5 people here. Lots of foods stuff and beer. Drinking beer from daytime is good.

why Japanese people

I am on the train. To get a seat for myself I was in the queue and was waiting but because I was third from the top I only could get the the priority seat. After I sit down, a woman who carry a baby and I asked to take my seat. However she said that "I'm ok". So I remain seating. Why Japanese people said "No" even I offer my seat?

rainy days

These days we have rainy days everyday. I know we have rainy season now but rainy and rainy and rainy. So humid and uncomfortable. The only good thing is that the temperature is not so high. Moku and Lizu cannot walk around outside. Cannot wash my car. Even some typhoons are coming. I want some sunny days.

vegetables from my parents

We've got some vegetables from my parents. They are cucumbers, eggplants and corns. Mokumum was impressed by the corns, which are quite sweet and delicious. Mokumum told to my mum they are terrific and looks they are from a shop. When my mum heard that she was surprised because she usually doesn't buy corns and always get from their tiny vegetable garden.


English is difficult for me. Just trying to use. Although there is no chance to use. :>