pizza delivery

Last weekend we've ordered home delivery pizza. That's so convenient because we ordered from the web site and paid by my credit card. However I miss ordered. I thought I ordered 3 different type of pizzas but actually I ordered 2 for the same ones. As a result we couldn't have the most popular pizza. Anyway pizzas are delicious but just expensive.

favourute drinks

That is my favourite drink. That's Mugi-shochu which is a type of liquor distilled from barley. Actually I prefer white wine if I could afford but shochu is not so bad. That is only shochu and ice doesn't have any other thing. It looks like a glass of water. When I pour bourbon, I do the same way. I mean no water just ice and pour to the top of the glass. It looks like a glass of ice tea

changing the campus

From next month I am going to go Tokyo campus. Usually only one person is there in our office. The good thing is that nobody there. Bad thing is that the office is far from my home and I have to take over crowded trains.

Japan is a safe place

I took this photo just around the train station, which I usually use. Nothing left on the shelves but I don't think they are all stollen but sold out. There was a white container at the right, which we supposed to put the money in when we got some vegetables. Most Japanese put the money I guess. What the happy people Japanese are.

100yen shop

After we moved mokumom goes to 100 yen shops quite often. Almost everyday I should say. Actually the shops are amazing. Most items have 100 yen tags and they have a lot of items. Not all the goods has good quality but they are 100 yen. That's ok.

modem for the Internet

Today we've received a modem and a router for the Internet. When we moved we returned the same devices (looks same but maybe a new model) because they are rental ones. However I think we can use the old devices without replacing.

I'm on the train

I am in the train now. I always feel that everyday thousands of millions of people rush to Tokyo in the morning to work at the enormous size of huge company and thousand of millions of people back to their home at night. I mean we all are doing the same thing without knowing what the other guys are doing. Just I feel we all are employees of the big Tokyo or maybe we all are robots or something. So many people walking to the same direction.

a rainy day

Today is rainy and my wife drove me to the station. We are having wet and humid days at this season. I don't like wet days and don't like carrying a umbrella with me. In Perth, not many people carried umbrellas and I haven't either.


English is difficult for me. Just trying to use. Although there is no chance to use. :>