good old Perth days

When I packed my stuff for moving I found the ear pad which I bought in Perth for my son. It has not been opened. I do remember when I bought that and wonder why it's in a box. It said $69 but now I feel expensive and don't want to buy again unless could have enough money. The ear pad reminds me the good old days in Perth. Blue sky, beautiful beach, nice weather (sometime too hot) and wonderful people. I cannot say everything is better than in Japan but I feel the time passing in Perth is slower than in Japan. More relaxed there.

just moved

We've just moved. Not far from the old place. Actually very near. However the road to the train station becomes longer. That's alright I'll manage.

make happy

Our good friend's family got a Bichon baby. So cute. Please make the family happier. As Moku and Liz do for us. I am sure they will be.

waiting for the train

Now I am waiting for the next train. Actually not the next one one ahead, because there is no free seats for me. I intentionally chose the another one. Many people do the same thing. How busy the trains at the Tokyo are.

educational IT solutions Expo

Went the educational IT solutions expo at Tokyo Big sight this afternoon. So many companies are there and also lots of people. That makes me tired.

LaLaport Fujimi

Now I'm LaLaport Fujimi. I've got a day off. Today is Tuesday but so many people here.

futon for summer

Last night was much cooler than the night before. I know why because I have changed my futon for the summer type.

finished my job today

I have finished my job today. Actually I should have done more for my tasks. Anyway I finished and recorded the time card. Still bright. Just amazing.

i like this moment

We've got presents!

Now i finished my dinner and drinking some alcohol and relaxing. I like this moment. peaceful and relaxing now. when i was in Perth, usually i was still on the road. after I back to Japan, I could have more time for myself and my family. However, I feel that I have bigger stress than when I was in Perth. Maybe that why I love this moment.

r u comfortable?

Liz is always like this. I don't think that is comfortable to sleep.

Moku got a birthday cake again

We are now Kita Karuizawa with Subaru and Botan families. Staying a holiday house. Moku got a birthday cake again. Beautiful people beautiful doggies and beautiful foods makes beautiful holidays. We are happy.

arrived on time

We arrived Hoshino Area on time. That's unusual for us. Always late, but this time is different. Unfortunately, other guys haven't turned up yet.

5th of May of last year

5th of May 2014 is the day, when Liz came to our home and became a member of the family. so, we prepared some special dinner for Liz and Moku yesterday to celebrate the anniversary.

on the train now

Today I've got a job to do in the morning and now heading to the Tobu Animal Park (don't know the English name) to pick up Mokumum, Moku and Liz.
Most people have 5 days off for this golden week (we Japanese people call this way), but I've got 3 days. That ok for me because I will get one or two days end of this month.

it's summer

feel like already in summer these days. Some part of Japan hits 30 degree of temperature. I can go work without a tie from next week. That's a good thing.


English is difficult for me. Just trying to use. Although there is no chance to use. :>