off line party again

We are having an off line party now. Last week, we had a big birthday party and before the last was another off line party. Every weekend we have something for doggies.

hair cut

I have had my hair cut yesterday. It cost 1,080yen and usually I get every 3 months or so. However, our doggies go trimming every 3weeks and cost 20,000 yen.

eating grass now

Eating grass. Are they delicious? I don't think so.

time flies

The temperature getting warmer and the daytime getting longer. It's already 6pm but still a bit bright.


BBQ party now. Running and running.

small change

Why Japanese people pay cash. Many people count 1 yen 2 yen.... I don't like carrying small changes in my wallet and don't like count and pay. So, I use credit cards often but the end of month I always surprised by the amount of money I used.

listening radio

I have thousand of music files but I always listening radio using iPhone. However, I pay over 10,000 yen per year for keeping music and movie files on cloud service. Maybe not necessary.

medical checkup

Tomorrow I have a medical checkup. I am just wondering wether I should drink or not tonight. Maybe even I don't not much difference. Maybe I can drink. Yes I can drink. Ok I will!


They have had their haircut. I wonder how long they can keep beautifully. Moku can keep long but Liz will be messy soon.

my favourite

The new school year starts in April in Japan. That make me very busy and couldn't have much time to play with. The latest one for me is the fourth from the right, which is Eric Clapton model. However, the most favourite one is the third from the left. Even though that model doesn't have good reputation. I wish I could do some maintenance. getting old.

snowing today

What the hell is going on here today! You may not be able to see snow in the photo but It's snowing. Unbelievable! Last week we had some warm days that over 20 degree. However today was just like in the middle of winter. Heck!

rainy again

Today, it's rainy again. Cold and wet. Tomorrow also is going to be cold. Actually it seems like much colder than today. I know why. Because I put my heating machine into the closet.

rainy day

Yesterday was rainy and was a bit cold. Moku and Liz were waiting for us in the car. They are supposed to be at the rear sheet by the way.

Cuppiee there!

There was an school entrance ceremony there and I found a big stuff called Cuppiee . A girl was inside but the day was warmer than usual and had to take a short rest sometimes. Actually the body was quite heavy too. By the way Cuppiee is the middle one. Not the left one.

this morning

I took this photo this morning. even some electric cables spoiled the photo, but still beautiful. Particularly I like the contrast of the blue sky, cherry blossoms pink and the green trees.


English is difficult for me. Just trying to use. Although there is no chance to use. :>